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Valve Spring Pocket Cutter for Gx200/Clone & Predator w/5mm Pilot
Valve Spring Pocket Cutter Kit with 4.95 pilot
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Valve Spring Pocket Cutter for Gx200/Clone & Predator w/5mm Pilot

Part Number: 290-95CK
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5mm Spring Pocket Cutter Kit
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EC's Pocket Cutter for Small Block Honda-Clone cylinder head with 5mm guides

The valve spring cutter allows you to cut pockets in the cylinder head to change the pocket diameter for dual valve springs and the installed height of the valve springs. Setting up the spring install height is crucial for high-performance engines. You may need to cut pockets to prevent coil binding, where the spring entirely collapses and can compress no further. We want more than .040" before coil binding. However, changing the install height will change the spring pressure. The install height changes the spring pressure when the valve is on the seat through the range to max lift. The spring pressure requirement depends on the weight of your valve train, engine rpm, and cam specifications. 

Valve Springs in the small engine market, for example, 32-lb dual valve springs are 32-lb at approximately .930 install height but can also be 45-lb at .815 install height, depending on the spring's closed or seat pressure. Some camshafts may call for a specific spring seat pressure and rpm range. If you exceed the rpm range or increase the weight of the valve train, which includes valve springs, retainers, valves, rocker arms, push rods, and tappets, you may need to increase your spring pressure. Also, ensure you correctly have your rocker arms geometry, as it can impact valve acceleration and harmonics. 

The cutter is designed to cut the floor of the head only. In some cases with hemi heads, the rocker stands/boss needs to be cleared to use the cutter. We do not recommend using the cutter to make this clearance. 

Cutter Kit Specs:
- 4.95 Pilot (5mm Valve Guide)
- .985" OD
- .600" ID


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