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20mm Gas Slide Carburetor Kit for Briggs Flathead
Exploded Slide Assembly for Briggs Flathead
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20mm Gas Slide Carburetor Kit for Briggs Flathead

Part Number: VM20EC-1K
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Introducing our Tuned Slide Carburetor Kit for the Briggs Model 13 Flathead Engines

The Intake Manifold has been redesigned to work on flat mounts for mini bikes, karts must run flat mounts for carburetor to tune properly.

The VM-style slide carburetors have become one of the most popular carburetors for mini bikes and recreational hot rod builds. This is due to the cost and advantages the carburetor has over the stock carburetor. 

The VM20 is a 20mm slide carburetor that works great as a stock replacement carburetor or for many mildly built flatheads running on gas. The carburetor has been dyno tuned and tested to deliver optimal air-fuel ratios while giving ideal idle quality. 

The kit also comes with our 407INT intake manifold that will bolt to late model 5hp or raptor block bolts holes or has a hidden bolt hole that will bolt to older style 2-bolt 5hp or 3hp Briggs blocks.

Uses 32mm Air Filter

The kit includes:
в€Ñž Tuned VM20 Slide Carburetor
в€Ñž 407INT Billet Intake
в€Ñž Mounting Hardware

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