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Fuel Pump Walbro
FPC-1 Walbro Fuel Pump (New Style)
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Fuel Pump Walbro

Part Number: FPC-1
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Fuel Pump Walbro
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The FPC-1 Walbro Fuel Pump (Round Style) is the best fuel pump for 4-cycle engines, period! 

We highly recommend this pump, especially for modified and open race engines. Fuel pumps have been a common problem in troubleshooting carburetor issues. The most common issue is caused by the use of copies of the Square Style Walbro fuel, a pump that was highly regarded and used during the height of flathead racing. If using an original Walbro, then there was no issue. If using a copy or clone square style pump, they are a sub-standard piece that can not pump enough fuel to the carburetor. These will mimic a carburetor tuning or calibration issue.

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