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The Wildcat 223 Cylinder Head is a Hemi Head similar to the Predator Hemi 212 with slightly different valve angles and port designs. The Wildcat Hemi is the only hemi that uses a 5mm valve stem. This section will find mostly OEM and aftermarket parts that are drop-in or require minimal modifications to work with the stock Wildcat Hemi head. 

What you need to know about Wildcat 223 Hemi Head:
- Valve are 27/25mm with 5mm stems
- Automotive-style(bead lock) retainers and locks.
- Use the same rocker arms as the Hemi Predator but not the same as the Tillotson/Ducar 212E
- Smaller cross-section intake port for high velocity is excellent for low-speed torque but also the most material of any factory head for porting, including the tallest short side radius of any factory head. 
- The valve cover is very similar to the Predator Hemi and will bolt in place, but the gasket surface is slightly different; we recommend using only the Wildcat Valve cover for the Wildcat Hemi head.

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Wildcat 223 Stock Hemi Cylinder Head - Bare
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EC 5mm Lightweight Clone Lash Cap
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Wildcat 223 Stock Push Rod
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