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EC Wildcat 223GT1-E 4-Cycle Electric Start Engine w/ 10w-30 Maxima Pro Plus Oil
EC Wildcat 223GT1-E Electric Start Performance Engine
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EC Wildcat 223GT1-E 4-Cycle Electric Start Engine w/ 10w-30 Maxima Pro Plus Oil

Part Number: 223GT1-E
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EC's New Wildcat 22GT Stage 1 Racing Engine
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The New Wildcat 223GT1-E is a modified version of the Wildcat 223 Electric Start Engine.

The Wildcat 223 is one of the best stock engines on the market, with one of the strongest blocks in the industry and the largest displacement of any factory engine. The New Wildcat 223GT1 is a stage one Wildcat 223 engine with upgrades to make them race-ready. 

The Wildcat can easily increase its compression due to its larger displacement and reduce compressed or squish volume thanks to EC's 3.353-Inch Pinnacle forged connecting rod that puts the flat top piston at zero deck. To maintain the charging system and electric start, the cast flywheel remains, and the 4000rpms rev limiter is upgraded to 5000rpms for more power while retaining reliability. The stock carburetor is re-tuned and jetted on the dyno for optimal performance. 

Wildcat 223GT1-E Specs:

Bore: 70mm

Stroke: 58mm

Total cc: 223.21(Same as Predator 223)

Compression Ratio: 9.98:1(Most 212 Engines measure 8:1-8.25:1 vs. 8.5 Advertised)

223GT1-E Includes:

- Wildcat 70mm Reinforced Block

- 27/25mm Wildcat Hemi Head

- 22lbs Valve Springs

- Flat Top 70mm Piston

- 3.358 Forged Connecting Rod

- 58mm Stroke Crankshaft

- Stock Electric Start Flywheel with Charging Magnets

- Jetted Stock Carburetor

- Billet Velocity Stack

- Wildcat 223 Camshaft

- 5000rpm Rev Limiting Coil

- Maxima Racing Oil 10w-30 Pro Plus - 1 Liter

Not included, Sold Separately:

- Exhaust Header

- Muffler

Warning! This engine is made only with the intention of sanctioned racing only. No Warranties are expressed or implied.

Recommended Oil: Maxima Racing Oil's 10w-30 Pro Plus or 5w-40 Extra. Always keep at least 12-16 ounces of oil in the engine. Engines are shipped without oil in the crankcase. 

Recommended Fuel: 91-93 Octane No Ethanol

Recommended RPM Limit: 5000rpms (Recommended clutch engagement 2800-3000rpm) Peak Torque 3500rpms - Peak Power 5000rpms

Horsepower: Due to the setup calibration, correction factors, and test procedures, horsepower numbers vary and are difficult to compare from dyno to dyno. However, you can make a general comparison based on the power increase percentage. The Wildcat Stage 1 is about 30% more torque and 35% more horsepower than a stock 212 engine. 

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