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Wildcat 223 Stock Hemi Cylinder Head - Bare
Wildcat 223 Stock Hemi Cylinder Head
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Wildcat 223 Stock Hemi Cylinder Head - Bare

Part Number: 20023-00025-00
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The Wildcat 223 Hemi Head is the best stock Hemi head compared to the Predator and Ducar Hemi Heads.

The advantages of the Wildcat Hemi are a combination of valve angles and port design. The valve angles are slightly wider than the Predator 212 Hemi, which helps unshroud the valve more effectively and reshapes the bowl for better airflow. Unlike the Ducar Hemi, the Wildcat can still use the Predator Hemi Rocker Arms, which have aftermarket options. 

There are two advantages: airspeed is increased, which helps with smaller carburetors and engines that focus on low-speed torque. The other benefit is more options for porting. The intake port has a relatively small cross-section and overall volume. The Wildcat Hemi head has the most material on the short side of the port when compared to any stock head. The advantage here is the ability for the head builder to make a good radius short side to improve airflow, especially at the low lift and low airspeeds. The improved short side will help build more torque across the entire powerband if you have good porting skills. 

The Exhaust Port is uniquely shaped with a round port vs. a D-shape port. The change in shape improves exhaust flow to increase peak torque and extend the power band to higher RPMs. 

The Valves are 27mm Intake and 25mm Exhaust, and the only Hemi uses 5mm valve stems. The size helps to reduce weight and helps with airflow. 

We highly recommend the Wildcat Hemi Head Stock Appearing Classes, where you are limited in head choices or have restrictions in valve size or camshaft profiles. 

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