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EC Wildcat 223GT2 aka 'Ghostbuster' 4-Cycle Racing Engine
EC 223GT2 Ghostbuster Racing Engine
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EC Wildcat 223GT2 aka 'Ghostbuster' 4-Cycle Racing Engine

Part Number: 223GT2
Online Price: $659.99
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EC's New Wildcat 223GT Stage 2 Racing Engine
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The New Wildcat 223GT2 is the modified version of the Wildcat 223 Engine to compete directly with the Ghost 212

Introducing the Ghost 212 gave enthusiasts a near-turn-key performance engine with minor upgrades for a relatively low price. However, the performance was still limited with cast components and rev limiting ignition coil. Some wonder why the engine was introduced after the Predator 224 was released and why the Ghost wasn't 224cc too.


We wondered the same and thought we could build a Ghostbuster of an engine with the Wildcat 223.

The Wildcat 223 is well known for its low-speed torque and durability. Using our catalog and developing new parts, we want to include some of the essential upgrades that would make the engine race-ready and have features that even the Ghost 212 doesn't come with out of the box. 

First is the reinforced block with reinforcements on the top and bottom of the jug, making it much more durable for higher rpm and compression. 

Next is the rotating assembly, which has a lightweight 70mm flat top piston for better balance and acceleration, EC Pinnacle 3.353 Billet Rod, and 58mm stroke crankshaft. The combination makes 223.21cc and 10:1 compression. 

The Wildcat is upgraded with a lightweight cast aluminum flywheel vs. the heavy cast iron flywheel found on most stock engines, including the Ghost 212. Not only does it accelerate much faster, but it is safer at higher rpms.

The carburetor is upgraded to a PZ22 Carburetor, similar to the slide carburetors on the Ghost 212 and Briggs Animal engines. These carburetors flow more than 60% more than a stock carburetor for better power without sacrificing starting, idle, or drivability. Unlike the Ghost 212, the Wildcat comes standard with a curved intake for turning the carburetor back for less recoil interference and better fitment when the engine is mounted in the chassis or frame. 

The camshaft is .255 lift(stock cams .220-.225) and 235° duration, approximately 15 degrees more than the Ghost 212, and wider LSA for a broader power band that increases peak power by more than 600rpms without giving up low-speed torque. To accommodate the camshaft, the valve springs are upgraded to 26 lbs for a higher valve float ceiling.

Wildcat 223GT2 Specs:

Bore: 70mm

Stroke: 58mm

Total cc: 223.21(Same as Predator 224)

Compression Ratio: 10:1(Most 212 Engines measure 8:1-8.25:1 vs. 8.5 Advertised)

No Governor/Rev Limiter

223GT2 Includes:

- Wildcat 70mm Reinforced Block

- 27/25mm Wildcat Hemi Head

- 26lbs Valve Springs

- Flat Top 70mm Piston

- 3.358 Forged Connecting Rod

- 58mm Stroke Crankshaft

- PZ22 22mm Slide Carburetor

- Curved Cast Intake Manifold

- TTS-648 Camshaft

- Tillotson High Energy Coil (Non-Rev Limiting)

- Maxima Racing Oil 10w-30 Pro Plus - 1 Liter

Not included, Sold Separately:

- Exhaust Header

- Muffler

Warning! This engine is made only with the intention of sanctioned racing only. No Warranties are expressed or implied.

Recommended Oil: Maxima Racing Oil's RS 0w-20 or 10w-30 Pro Plus. Always keep at least 13-15 ounces of oil in the engine. Engines are shipped without oil. 

Recommended Fuel: 91-93 Octane No Ethanol

Recommended RPM Limit: 8000rpms (Race Karts recommended clutch engagement 3400rpm and gearing for max 6800rpms) Peak Torque 3800rpms - Peak Power 6000rpms

Horsepower: Due to the setup calibration, correction factors, and test procedures, horsepower numbers vary and are difficult to compare from dyno to dyno. However, you can generally compare based on the power increase percentage. The Wildcat Stage 2 is about 55% more torque than a stock 212 or 7% more than a Ghost 212, 65% more horsepower than a stock 212, or 20% more horsepower than a Ghost 212

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