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VM-22EC VM22 Slide Carburetor Kit
EC VM22 Carburetor Kit with Intake and Air Filter
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VM-22EC VM22 Slide Carburetor Kit

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The VM-style slide carburetors have become one of the most popular carburetors for mini bikes and recreational hot rod builds. 

This is due to the cost and advantages the carburetor has over the stock carburetor. While investigating and researching the best bodies and tuned VM carburetors, we were disappointed in the many warehouse distributors. Some claim to have their in-house technicians re-jet and adjust to an exact standard. Testing those carburetors, they were not consistent, and the only change we found was oversizing the main jet. 

Our VM Carburetor was dyno tested, and air/fuel ratios calibrated for power and performance. While many may sell this style of the carburetor, our performance is unmatched. You cannot get the same performance from jet and needle changes alone. Our kit also comes with our purpose-built billet intake with a pulse fitting for a vacuum fuel pump. Most other kits use a generic intake that does not match the precision of our intake. Our intake moves the carburetor closer to the head, allowing better fitment for mini bikes  vehicles that require a tight fit. 

This carburetor is strictly designed for performance, the idle is very rich and is not best suited for recreational use. Black smoke at idle and initial throttle is to be expected to met the AFR through rpm race of a performance engine.

The carburetor is tuned less than 1800 feet above sea level. Anything more will require additional tuning. Call before ordering 

For the best performance, do not use a stock exhaust or weenie pipe header. 

Kit includes

EC Built VM22 Carburetor

475INT Intake Manifold

AFR3880 Air Filter

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