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EC P13-DG Pro Rebuild Kit for Standard Volume(Single Stack, Gas) Carburetors
P13-DG EC Pro Single Stack HL Diaphragm Gasket Kit
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EC P13-DG Pro Rebuild Kit for Standard Volume(Single Stack, Gas) Carburetors

Part Number: P13-DG
Online Price: $7.72
fits Tillotson Standard Volume or Single Stack Fuel Pump Plates
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The EC Pro Gasket kits are exclusively constructed for professionals in the small engine racing world. 

We designed our kits using OE parts or equivalent to superior aftermarket components. Our aftermarket components prioritize racing condition durability and performance over cost and price margins of other aftermarket parts. 

Our kits also include additional components to better complete the service performed on your carburetor. In these kits, we included the fuel strainer screen and the cork gasket where the OE Tillotson kits and even many of the aftermarket kits do not include. 

We also include a parts diagram without Pro kits, something no other OE or Aftermarket kits include. That has parts break-down list that helps identify Tillotson carburetor parts as well as shows the carburetor's assembly. This helps the D.I.Y. racer to know their carburetor is reassembled correctly. 

Our Pro Kits utilizes our "Fast Action" Main Diaphragm. This component is one that we made in the aftermarket as a performance upgrade over OE and other aftermarket metering diaphragms. This main metering diaphragm has improved response and reaction over standard metering diaphragms. The "wagon wheel" features a more consistent dowel height in the center, making the fulcrum height adjustment consistent as well as a better, more smooth metal finish compared to other diaphragms. 

This kit also uses the .020" Fuel Pump Diaphragm Gasket. This gasket is the standard or stock gasket for Tillotson carburetors. The .020 fuel pump gasket holds less volume and many times required by kart class rules.

The .004" fuel pump diaphragm is also included. This is designed for engines less than 60cc or for larger engines to use for qualifying runs. We do not recommend this for race features or heat races for larger engines as they will quickly lose their advantage and lose performance due to lower durability after a few laps. 

The P13-DG kit replaces the Tillotson DG5-HL.

Kit Items:

Fast Action Main Diaphragm

.020" Fuel Pump Diaphragm Gasket

.004" Fuel Pump Diaphragm

 Brass Fuel Strainer Screen

 Fuel Strainer Cork Gasket

P13-DG EC Pro Rebuild Kit fits all Standard Volume(Single Stack, Gas) Tillotson Carburetors including use in racing carburetors: HL-166B&C, HL-152A, HL-334B, HL,334WX( gas 2 plate version) HL-357A&B, HL-395A, HL-388A

The P13-DG is also used to replace the Tillotson DG5-HL in the lawn & garden and industrial equipment like concrete saws and compactors with the following carburetors.

Suits Stihl chainsaws model 08,070,090,TS08,TS350,TF350 fitted with HL carburetors: HL-108A, HL-109B, HL-112A, HL-112B, HL-112C, HL-112D, HL-117A, HL-117B, HL-117C, HL-117E, HL-121BX, HL-125A, HL-125B, HL-125C, HL-129A, HL-130A, HL-132A, HL-132B, HL-132C, HL-132E, HL-132F, HL-141D, HL-141E, HL-147A, HL-147B,HL-152A, HL-155A, HL-155B, HL-158A, HL-158E, HL-159A, HL-166A, HL-166B HL-166C, HL-166D, HL-166E, HL-172A, HL-172B, HL-174A, HL-175A, HL-176A, HL-180A, HL-180B, HL-189A, HL-189E, HL-201A, HL-202A, HL-203A, HL-204A, HL-205B, HL-207B, HL-208A, HL-212A, HL-214B, HL-215A, HL-217A, HL-218A, HL-220A, HL-220AX, HL-222A, HL-223A, HL-229A, HL-229E, HL-229F, HL-230A, HL-231A, HL-240A, HL-244A, HL-247A, HL-248A, HL-249A, HL-250A, HL-253A, HL-254A, HL-255A, HL-256A, HL-257A, HL-258A, HL-258B, HL-259A, HL-260A, HL-261A, HL-262A, HL-266A, HL-267A, HL-270A, HL-273A, HL-274A, HL-274E, HL-276A, HL-279A, HL-280A, HL-282A, HL-282B, HL-283A, HL-284A, HL-285A, HL-286A, HL-290A, HL-292A, HL-292B, HL-292C, HL-292D, HL-292E, HL-293B, HL-293C, HL-293E, HL-294A, HL-295A, HL-296A, HL-296E, HL-299A, HL-299AX, HL-299C, HL-299E, HL-299F, HL-301A, HL-301E, HL-306A, HL-306B, HL-307A, HL-307B, HL-307E, HL-309A,HL-334B,HL-334WX, HL-357A&B,HL-388A, HL-395A

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