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WildCat: The latest entry in the industrial performance engine market is exclusively distributed by EC Carburetors. The WildCat continues to advance with newer designs and better components.

Tillotson: EC Carburetors brought Tillotson into the 4-cycle racing world with the 196R, 212R, and 225RS by creating game-changing components like the PK Stock-Style Carburetors and Reinforced Racing Blocks for the Clone and Predator Engines. 

Predator: The Harbor Freight revised "Clone" of the popular GX200 and GX390 Engines, as well as many other models, including V-Twins, are the most popular engines used for 4-cycle racing. The Predator comes in 79cc, 212cc, 301cc, and 420cc for the single-cylinder engines and 670cc for a horizontal V-Twin

Briggs & Stratton: Known in karting for the Flathead Raptor and OHV Animal, also produce multiple engines used in racing lawnmower and pulling tractors. EC leads to the development of performance components for racing lawnmower applications.

Engine Tools: Find the right tools for blueprinting or modifying your 4-cycle small engine for racing applications.