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Stock 72mm Piston Assembly with 18mm Wrist Pin
70mm +2mm(.080") Factory Stock Piston with 18mm Wrist Pin
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Stock 72mm Piston Assembly with 18mm Wrist Pin

Part Number: 170-12400-70
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70mm +2mm(+.080") Factory Stock Piston
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The 72mm piston assembly is a stock factory flat-top piston similar to the 70mm pistons in the Predator 212 Hemi and Wildcat 223.

These pistons use the standard 18mm(.709-inch) diameter wrist pins, which means you can use many factory-cast rods or stock-style billet and forged rods. The 72mm factory-style piston that is 70mm +2mm(+.080) over makes it an affordable option for cheater-stock or claimer classes to get more displacement without needing a billet rod or specialty piston. 

Piston Spec:

Piston Weight: 158g

Piston Assembly Weight: 226g

Piston Compression Height(Wrist Pin Centerline to Piston Crown): .9035-inch

Piston Diameter: 72mm(2.8345-inch)

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