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Predator 670 OEM Crankcase Gasket
Stock Predator 670 Crankcase or Pan Gasket
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Predator 670 OEM Crankcase Gasket

Part Number: 670V-002
Your Price: $21.99
fits Predator 670 V-Twin Engine
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The factory OEM Crankcase or Pan Gasket for the Harbor Freight Predator 670 V-Twin Engine.

The availability of our crankcase gaskets for the 670 Predator V-Twin allows you to resolve engine issues and repairs involving components in the block. It's also beneficial to those looking to upgrade their predator with aftermarket rods and camshafts, knowing they can replace the factory crankcase gasket for proper fitment and seal. 

Gasket Thickness: 0.020-Inch

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