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Tillotson HL-129E  2-Cycle Gas Carburetor
HL-129E Tillotson Carburetor
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Tillotson HL-129E 2-Cycle Gas Carburetor

Part Number: HL-129E
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Carburetor Gas
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The Tillotson HL-129E carburetor was originally used on Pioneer chainsaws.

It has been used on small 50cc racing engines, as well modified to be used on 5hp 4 cycle engines to restrict performance for rookie and Jr classes or fun Karts with gas as fuel. Carb has a choke system. 

HL-129E Carburetor Specs:

Gas (60cc 2-Cycle, Jr 5hp Flathead)

Standard Volume(Single Stack, Gas) Pump Plates

Venturi .6875"
- Throttle Bore .8125"
Flange Bolt Spacing 1.8125"
Air Filter Bolt Spacing 1.375"

Use Our P13-DG EC Pro-Kit for replacing gasket and diaphragms or P4-RK EC Pro-Kit for Complete Rebuilds.

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