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Aluminum #40 6-Bolt Rear Split Sprocket (Choose Tooth)
EC #40 Pitch Aluminum Split Sprocket
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Aluminum #40 6-Bolt Rear Split Sprocket (Choose Tooth)

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The EC #40 Pitch Aluminum Sprockets were initially designed for racing lawnmower applications. 

The increased power demanded a strong sprocket and drive train over the traditional karting #35 sprocket and drive train. They are made with the standard six-bolt 5.25" bolt circle and 4.5625 bore to fit the common sprocket carrier. We highly recommend using a heavy-duty sprocket carrier like our 3602. These sprockets are manufactured with 0.25" high-quality aluminum, hard-anodized bright red for added durability, and a great look.

NOTE: 46t, 48t, and 50t are currently non-anodized silver, not red.

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