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EC Racing Lawnmower Billet Belt Clutch Assembly
4070K EC Lawnmower Billet Belt Clutch Assembly
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EC Racing Lawnmower Billet Belt Clutch Assembly

Part Number: 4070K
Online Price: $169.99
Clutch Belt Assembly EC Lawnmower Billet
Availability: Out of Stock.


The EC Lawnmower Belt Clutch Assembly is a twist-style belt clutch for using 1/2" belts to race lawnmowers.

In lawnmower racing, many of the original classes, or what is known as prepared classes, require stock or stock-style components to keep the appearance and function of a traditional lawnmower or garden tractor. 

The drawback is that many parts' intended purpose can not handle the modification, power increase, or abuse of a racing environment. To maintain the spirit of lawnmower racing, EC has developed many replacement parts that increase the performance and durability of your race machine. One of the most critical is the drive train, starting with the clutch system. 

The EC Racing Lawnmower Clutch is made from high-quality aluminum, and it is a heavy-duty activator plate with tapped holes for a belt guide. Our pulley is designed with high-speed 5/8" bearings designed for racing mowers. This clutch is a twist pull-type clutch that pulls and pushes on the belt while allowing a firmer grip and better feel for the clutch. The billet aluminum pulleys help dissipate heat, which allows the belt to live longer.

EC's Billet Clutch and Billet Pulleys are essential for any racing or performance lawnmower build that requires stock-appearing components and belt setups. 

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