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MCP Brake Bleeder Bottle Kit
912BK MCP Brake Bleeder Bottle Kit
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MCP Brake Bleeder Bottle Kit

Part Number: 912BK
Online Price: $16.00
Brake Bleeder Bottle Kit MCP
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The Martin Custom Products Brake Bleeder Bottle Kit is designed to bleed your brake system on your racing go-karts, race mowers, or any vehicle with MCP Hydraulic Brakes. 

The brake bleeder kit makes bleeding the brakes easy. Attach plastic tubing between the bottle fitting and your brakes to catch the brake fluid from your system. The spill-resistant bottle keeps your work area clean.

Bleeding your brake is the process of removing air from your brake lines. The air in your brake lines can make your brake feel spongy and erratic under the heavy brake. To get the most out of your brake system, you want reasonable control and a firm feel to know the threshold of locking the rear wheels and the limits of slowing and stopping your kart.

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