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EC Front/Rear Brake Bias Control
1010 EC Front/Rear Brake Bias Control
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EC Front/Rear Brake Bias Control

Part Number: 1010
Your Price: $55.00
Front and Rear Brake Bias controller for racing go karts and racing lawnmowers
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The EC Billet Bias Controller regulates the bias or balance between two master cylinders. The Bias Controller connects two master cylinders to a single clevis attached to the brake pedal. The bias controller can offset the throw on the two master cylinders to increase the pressure applied to one side and the brake calipers' force. 

In most situations, we set up our two brake systems to control the front and the other to control the rear. We can then control the braking force applied to the front and rear separately and tune them to prevent locking up a wheel while maintaining maximum stopping potential. 

The control over brakes can significantly improve lap times by keeping your racing lawnmower or go-kart under control under extreme braking. The later you can brake and maintain your racing line can help easily overtake other drivers and extend your lead. 

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