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Intimidator XR-32 32mm Methanol Carburetor Kit for Moflow 36/27 Big Valve Billet Head
XR-32 32mm Intimidator Carburetor Kit
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Intimidator XR-32 32mm Methanol Carburetor Kit for Moflow 36/27 Big Valve Billet Head

Part Number: XR-32-2K
Online Price: $489.99
Phone Order Price:$599.99
You Save:$110.00(18%)
fits Open Modified Honda GX200, Tillotson 196/212/225, Predator 212 and Wildcat 223 Racing Engines
Availability: Out of Stock.


The EC Intimidator XR-32 is a Billet 32mm Diaphragm Carburetor made for the Moflow 36/27 Big Valve Billet Head.

The latest XR-Series is to pick up where the X-Series left off. Today, engines are seeing increased displacement and vast improvements to cylinder head designs. EC developed an improved version of the Tillotson-Style Carburetors to take full advantage of the latest engines and technology. 

The XR-Series is all billet body designed from scratch to make improvements that limit stock diaphragm carburetors. The High Volume Pump Stacks are now made from billet aluminum and improve the carburetor's appearance and performance. The adjustment needles are billet steel like the ones from the X-Series Intimidators.

Methanol Carburetors, particularly diaphragm carburetors like the HL Tillotson's, are notorious for fuel overrun and dilution in the oil and crankcase. The volume of methanol, especially at low speed and idle, causes oil to be washed from the cylinders. Not only is it reducing lubrication, but it may prevent a good ring seal. The new XR-Series is developed to reduce this as much as possible without compromising acceleration. Not only is the new carburetor improve air-fuel mixture, but by preventing cylinder wash and oil dilution, the engines make more power through better lubrication, better ring seal, and less windage in the crankcase. 

The XR-32 also improves the durability of the carburetor. The throttle shafts are 6mm stainless steel rather than Tillotson's 5.5mm brass. Unlike the EC's Twilight and Intimidator Carburetors that use EC's 3-piece throttle shaft, the new throttle shafts are thinned down full-length shafts to improve durability. 

The new XR-Series will have new intakes designed for the unique body shape and bolt spacing. The carburetor now has integrated stud nuts for mounting the carburetor to the intake reducing the hardware required to install your carburetor. 

The XR-Series Carburetors are CNC Machined and Hand Assembled/Blueprinted from start to finish in Tennessee. The carburetors are not mass-produced, offering unequaled performance and custom one-off appearances. 

The XR-32 is designed for the Moflow 36/27 Big Valve Billet Head the Honda-Clone Based Engines. Does not fit standard MoFlow Billet Head

Fuel: Methanol(alcohol) pure methanol only; DO NOT BUY METHANOL WITH TOP LUBE OR ADD TOP LUBE.

Caution: WILL NOT WORK WITH ETHANOL E-85 or E-91 or any other type of ethanol.

High Side Needle Initial setting: 1 turn out

Low Side Needle Initial Setting: 2-1/2 turns out

Caution: Use only the Walbro FPC-1 or TFPC-1 Fuel pump

Fuel pumps we do not support with our carburetors:

B&S fuel Pump

Mikuni, and Mikuni knock offs

Plastic knock off of the Walbro WIP fuel pump (square pump)

No electric fuel pumps.


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