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EC 5/8 Spindle Spacer - Radius
2509 EC Spindle Spacer 5/8"
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EC 5/8 Spindle Spacer - Radius

Part Number: 2511
Online Price: $2.00
Availability: Out of Stock.


Radius Aluminum Spindle Spacer for 5/8 Spindle Axles. 

The radius is made to match the radius on our EC Racing Lawnmower Spindles and many other racing go-kart-style front spindles. The radius prevents fracturing under stress made while cornering or under a load. The spindle spacers can set your front axle's track width. The wheel spacing can change your kart or mower's handling and scrub radius.

Spacer Dimensions:

5/8" ID x .865" OD x "

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