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EC Stage 2 Performance Kit for Tillotson 212R
Ghostbuster Stage 2 Performance Kit for Tillotson 212R
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EC Stage 2 Performance Kit for Tillotson 212R

Part Number: 212R-002
Online Price: $364.99
fits the Tillotson 212R
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EC's Stage 2, aka "Ghostbuster" Performance Kit for the Tillotson 212R Engine.

EC's Newly Revised Stage 2 Kit is designed around similar component specs of the Briggs Animal/LO206 and Ghost 212 Engines. These engines have been popular for their easy, reliable starting and torquey, linear powerbands. We wanted to bring those same qualities to your Tillotson 212R Engine.

Our goal was to offer a kit that could match or often exceed the power of the Ghost 212 while improving the durability and safety of the engine. This kit's improved performance, reliability, and durability can convert your clone engine into a spare practice engine for sprint racing or give you more torque and top speed for your street cruising mini bike or gear it down for your off-road go-kart or mini bike. The low rpm torque is ideal for those running a torque converter. 

Note we don't recommend this for the complete Tillotson 225RS, only the extended block version or one of EC's engine kits. 

What comes in EC's Stage 2 Kit?

1. PZ22 22mm Round Slide Carburetor - Identical to the Briggs LO206 and Ghost PZ22 Carburetors, it is well matched to the cross-sectional area of the stock port and the flow of stock valve cylinder heads, including those that are mildly ported. Having the carburetor appropriately match ensures easy start-up, idle, and response. Compared to a stock carburetor, which flows around 35cfm, the PZ22 is close to 60cfm. Most stock cylinder heads don't flow over 60cfm unless ported, which means some power is left on the table if you port the cylinder head. 

We don't recommend using this carburetor with stock fuel tanks. The fuel inlet may not sit below the outlet of the tank to allow fuel to flow properly. Use a gravity-fed tank or a pulse fuel pump, and ensure the fuel tank you are using has an unrestricted 1/4" vent. 

2. TTS-647 Tennessee Thunderstix Camshaft - The TTS-647 has .255 like the Briggs LO206 and Ghost 212 but has 235° of duration to make more midrange and peak power. The cam phasing helps to maintain low-speed torque. It's here where this kit creates most of its advantage. Peak Torque is approximately 3400rpm for those setting up the clutch for racing. However, the power and response will still allow lower clutch engagement for recreational builds. The Camshaft comes with 26lbs valve springs to support the cam lift to reach higher RPMs without valve float. We do recommend replacing stock valves that use slip-on style retainers for split locks and retainers to ensure reliability at higher rpm. 

3. 8270 EC Pinnacle Rod - EC's Billet Rods are engineered for lightweight and strength. Each Rod has its own rod bearing, which allows you to replace worn parts without purchasing a new rod. Billet Rods are a must for any engine turning more than 5500rpms to run reliably. The rod included in this kit is stock length to maintain the stock piston depth for easy installation. 

4. SK200 REV Wheel Billet Flywheel - The REV Wheel is a must for any engine without a governor. The most important modification that can be made to any stock engine is to replace the dangerous stock cast iron flywheel. The REV Wheel improves spark energy with its high-output neo-magnet. To improve peak torque, the flywheel has 34° of timing advance built-in, which means you don't need an offset key to advance your timing. The flywheel is also lightweight to help reduce rotating inertia for faster acceleration and reduce stress on the crankshaft. 

5. 70mm Fire Ring Head Gasket - We include a stock fire ring style head gasket. While a thin metal head gasket can increase your compression ratio for a little more performance, the fire ring gasket is more reliable with a better seal on the cylinder. Aluminum blocks and heads will expand with heat and contract as they cool, which can lead to cylinder head sealing issues. The composite fire ring gasket allows for this to maintain its seal. 

6. Stock Side Cover Gasket - While replacing your cam, you may tear the side cover gasket when removing the side cover. We provide a replacement in the kit. 

Recommended Break-In Oil: Maxima 5w-16
Recommended Running OIl: Maxima RS 0w-20

Headers are no longer part of this kit. Due to the growing development of exhaust headers, we designed our kits to allow our customers to find the best available fitment for their applications. This kit is designed for headers with .870 or larger inside diameters. Optimal performance is usually found between .930 - .960 ID without any muffler. If you are required to use a muffler, we recommend using only the 4106 RLV Muffler. DO NOT RUN SCREW-ON MUFFLERS DESIGNED FOR LAWNMOWER ENGINES OR "WEENIE" PIPE HEADERS AND MUFFLERS. 

If you need help finding the right header for your applications, check out our listings under your engine's exhaust section, give us a call, or send us an email 

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