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801 EC Trix High Volume Pump Plates
EC Trick Pump Stack for Tillotson Carburetor - Exploded View
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801 EC Trix High Volume Pump Plates

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Our EC Trick, High-Volume Pump Plate Stack found on our EC Intimidators and Built Tillotson Dominator Carburetors. 

Our Trick Pump stacks we're always part of EC's Stage 3 and Twilight Zone Carburetors. We streamlined the labor-intensive modified pump plates by designing custom pump plates when creating the Intimidator Carburetor Line. This allowed us to cut the cost of selling our Intimidator almost in half. Now you have the opportunity to use our same pump stacks for your Tillotson carburetor. Whether you want the added advantage to your current high-volume plates or if you are looking to convert your standard volume(single stack) to a high volume(double stack), these plates will do the job. 

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