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Tillotson Racing 196R 68mm Reinforced Block
Tillotson 196R 68mm Reinforced Racing Block
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Tillotson Racing 196R 68mm Reinforced Block

Part Number: 138190086
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Newly designed reinforced Tillotson Racing Block exclusive on the new Tillotson 196R Engine. 

Designed by EC Carburetors with decades of racing knowledge and experience. This 68mm block has a cast iron sleeve with reinforcements made throughout the block, adding strength and performance, unlike any other clone or predator block. This block does come with tank mounts for standard clone top plate linkages 

Please read our blog about the Tillotson reinforced blocks https://www.eccarburetors.com/EC-Tech-Review-The-new-Tillotson-Racing-Blocks-designed-by-EC-Carburetors_b_3.html

The Tillotson 68mm Block Specs

Camshaft: Honda, Clone or Hemi Predator

Crankshaft: Honda, Clone or Predator (Flywheel and Rod must match Crankshaft type)

Piston: Any 68mm Piston (Piston Wrist Pin Must Match Rod)

Head: Honda, Clone or Hemi Predator(Non-Hemi Head can be made to fit by machining dowel holes)

Side Cover: Honda, Clone, or Hemi Predator

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