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EC 1.5 Ratio Roller Rockers for Vanguard Briggs V-Twins
1500RR EC 1.5 Ratio Roller Rockers for Briggs V-Twins
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EC 1.5 Ratio Roller Rockers for Vanguard Briggs V-Twins

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Roller Rockers EC 1.5 Ratio for Vanguard Briggs V-Twins
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The EC 1.5 Ratio Roller Rockers fit the Briggs & Stratton Vanguard Briggs Model 30, Model 35, Model 38, Model 58, and Model 61 Vanguard V-Twin.

The New 1500RR Rev Rockers are complete roller-tip rockers and feature needle bearings rather than bushings. The new design is more robust, handling higher spring pressure, higher rpms, and more aggressive camshafts. 


- 1.5 Ratio (stock 1.3)

- Heavy Duty Billet Aluminum Body

- Needle Bearings 

- 62rc hard roller tips

- Lightweight Titanium Adjuster Nuts

- Hard Anodized Red - Prevents oxidation

Please set your lash at 0.005". Check out our Technical Page for more diagrams and info.

1. Rocker arms may hit the top of the valve cover. For proper fitment, you will need to fabricate a valve cover spacer.

2. The valve cover studs we supply are a little long on the hex side for people who use valve cover spacers. If you don't use a valve cover spacer, you may need to cut the stud length on the valve hex side to fit.

3. Install a high-grade oil-soluble assembly lube when installing the rocker's arms. We recommend the Maxima Racing Oil Assembly Lube. 

Pour oil heavily over the rocker's arms to ensure your valve train is lubricated before starting your engine. 

4. Installation Check List:

- Valve Spring Install Height

- Valve Spring Coil Binds at Max Lift

- Retainer to Valve Guide Clearance

- Piston-to-Valve-Clearance

- Degree Camshaft

- Measure and Set Rocker Arm Geometry

- Measure and Cut Push Rod Length after Rocker Geometry is set.

Rocker Arms are not bolt-on installation and require expert engine-building tools and techniques. DO NOT ASSUME COMPONENTS WILL CLEAR. This is the number one reason for engine and rocker arm failure. There is no warranty on these rockers' arms, which cannot be returned after installation. 

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