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Tillotson 225RS 72mm/2.835 Piston
Tillotson 225RS 72mm/2.835 Piston
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Tillotson 225RS 72mm/2.835 Piston

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Tillotson Racing 72mm Piston for the Tillotson 225RS Race Engine

Tillotson Racing Lightweight Hypereutectic Piston - I'm going to make a quick correction that is falsely advertised about this piston. The Tillotson 72mm piston is not a forged piston. Originally we wanted Tillotson to make this a forged piston, but to keep the costs down; they went with a hypereutectic casting. 

The piston uses the latest technology and design utilizing a racing slipper skirt vs. a conventional barrel skirt design of other stock pistons. This piston uses an aluminum alloy with high silicon for a lower thermal expansion coefficient, allowing tighter tolerance for superior performance and longevity over stock Chinese cast pistons used in other engines and kits. The low slipper skirt design also allows more clearance in the rotating assembly for larger stroke crankshafts. We also made the compression height shorter by moving the pin's location and using a smaller diameter wrist pin. These improvements allowed the use of a longer rod while reducing weight in the rotating assembly.

This piston fits our 228R and 236R Engines.
Rings, wrist pin, and clips are sold separately.

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