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Main Jet for Stock Carburetors (Choose Size)
308080034 Main Jet for Tillotson PK-1 Carburetors
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Main Jet for Stock Carburetors (Choose Size)

Part Number: 308080034
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OEM Tillotson Main Jet for Stock Predator SP, Ruixing, Hyuai and Tillotson PK-1 Carburetors

For Most Engines Running Gas Main Jets range from .034-.038 

If you are tuning your carburetor and breaking up and crackle, it's the main jet. Or if it goes flat on the top-end, this could be lean, and/or your cam can no longer make power at the rpm you are tuning.

If the engine hits a wall on the top end, acting like you hit the kit switch and bogs its rich go down on the main jet. 

There can also be other reasons for carburetor tuning problems from ignition coils failing, coil gap being set incorrectly, or fuel system problems such as fuel tank not venting or fuel pump failing or not efficient enough to race engines. Before you start tuning, make sure you don't have another issue. 

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