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56mm Stroker Crankshaft for Honda GX200/Clone/Predator
168F-12100-SPEC Clone 56mm Stroker Crankshaft
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56mm Stroker Crankshaft for Honda GX200/Clone/Predator

Part Number: 168F-12100-SPEC
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56mm or 2.204" Stroker Crankshaft for Honda/Clone Engines. 

This crankshaft works in the Tillotson 196/212/225 and Ducar 196/212 Engines. It will also work inside Predator 212 but require the flywheel and connecting rod to match the Honda/Clone Taper and Journal. This crankshaft uses the Honda/Clone Rod and Flywheel.

There is sometimes confusion about the stroke of this type of crank listed by other importers and retailers. Rather than stating the crank's stroke, it is listed as +.080 or +.040; this depends on the stroke of the stock crank they are referencing. 

Stock 196 cranks are 54mm or 2.126 making the 56mm +2mm or +.078"(.080")

Stock 212 cranks are 55mm or 2.165, making the 56mm +1mm or +.039"(.040)

Common Bore Sizes using the 56mm crankshaft

68mm(196cc) Bore, 56mm Stroke = 203.37cc
70mm(212cc) Bore, 56mm Stroke = 215.51cc
2.815"(71.5mm) Bore, 56mm Stroke = 224.85cc
72mm Bore(225R), 56mm Stroke = 228cc

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