EC at PRI and New Parts Timeline

2022 was the second consecutive year we have shown at the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) Expo. 

For those who may not know, the Performance Racing Industry Expo is held at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis annually in December. It primarily showcases motorsports and performance in the automotive world. Compared to SEMA(Speciality Equipment Marketing Association) Expo, which encompasses all things automotive, focusing more on car culture and entertainment.

We participate at PRI to represent the karting and small engine performance community. We had many people stop by to thank us for coming to showcase karting because there are very few vendors for small-engine racing. While Briggs Racing and Tillotson Racing were both on display representing Sprint Karting, we also brought the newest Ultramax Chassis for dirt racing and a Coleman Mini Bike. 

The show was a home run for us. We had many people stop and gaze at all the small performance parts that were miniature versions of what they would find in the street hot rod or race car. Most were amazed at the power, performance, and technology used in 4-cycle karting, especially our billet head and block. 

During the show, we had other businesses in the small engine industry come by. We had the guys at Tillotson Racing, Kart Rising, and Briggs Racing stop by, several engine builders, and even the folks at Go Power Sports, who stopped in, interested in the new billet block. 

If you follow our social media, you have seen a lot of pictures and may have asked a few questions, so let us give you a picture of what's new and coming soon. 

Ultramax Evolve Chassis at PRIUltramax Evolve 

Number 23-001, we debut the first production, Evolve chassis, by Ultramax. Here's what they had to say about the new chassis,

"The Evolve has a unique chassis design built into the center of the chassis that allows the racer to fine-tune their kart for changing track conditions. The racer can fine-tune by changing the load from the right front to the left rear with the simple movement of a bolt. Some of the new features include; new hinged rear cassettes, lower steering shaft adjustment block, universal brake caliper mount, narrower front bumper mounts to allow different bodies to be used without clearance issues, and rear ride height adjustments. For any further questions, please contact Shaun at the shop at 864-322-0504.

Preorders will be open on 11-14-2022 with a 3-week wait time. Please contact your local Distributor or Dealer to be added to the waiting list. The chassis should start being shipped out around the first of December.

Standard Package $3,095.00

Xpert Package $3,495.00"

Tillotson 225RS TKO Package

EC's TKO(Tuned Kart Option) Tillotson 225RS

Running the Tillotson 225RS engine at club events, we are looking to improve the package. We are experimenting with minor carburetor tuning for better starting and idle. To complement the carburetor tuning is a new header design and muffler. We are also testing disc clutches for more fine-tuning and longevity over drum clutches. 

This option will run separately from the current T4 or 225RS rule set. Pricing for the package will be available when we finish testing. 

Tillotson 212RS

Tillotson 212RS - Replacement for 212R? Price $800-900

Tillotson and AKRA released press releases for the new Tillotson 212RS, which will be allowed to compete in the Briggs LO206 Classes. It's not a secret that Briggs Racing has struggled to keep the LO206 and other engines available for the past couple of years. They are dealing with bankruptcy and pandemic-related problems while having considerable growth in their programs. 

To address engine demand, Tillotson has decided to supplement the program with their 212RS. The 212RS is a slightly modified 212R with a forged rod, billet flywheel, 26mm slide carburetor, and 6200rpm rev limited coil. Like the 225RS, the 212RS can also run as its own class or spec class with the Tillotson T4 Chassis. 

One of the reasons we have yet to bring in more Tillotson 212R is to wait for the release of the Tillotson 212RS. If you are interested in the new Tillotson 212RS, let us know. 

Wildcat WC946 Cylinder Head - 32/25 5mm Factory Head - March 2023

When we started the development of the Tillotson 196R, 212R, and 225RS, we had three different cylinder heads in mind. The 196R and 212R would share the same casting with different valve sets, but the 225RS would have been more like the Briggs World Formula with a slightly different head. 

While we made prototypes using current head castings, Tillotson decided to use the same head as the 212R on the 225RS but with stiffer springs. Tillotson was satisfied with the performance, and it reduced development time and cost.

As the stock appearing, modified, and mini bike hot rodding markets grew, we restarted the development of the new head. The goal of the new cylinder head is to be on a production engine eventually. In the meantime, it will gradually replace our other stock head castings for aftermarket builds.

Wildcat WC946 Cylinder Head

The head starts with an 18cc combustion chamber. With the growing displacement of engines, we wanted to increase compression over stock 22-24cc heads but not too high, so they can still run on pump gas. We also moved the spark plug hole for more room by the intake valve.

The head will have 32/25 5mm valves. One of our most debated decisions was to have the head with 27 or 25 exhaust valve. We decided on 25 because it's easier to go bigger than to go smaller. 

For the ports, we added a vein leading to the guide. The vein was added with plenty of material to shape the vein however you want. We also added a lot of material to the port's short side, allowing the head porters room to get the air to turn. 

Another feature that head builders will like is the extra material outside the ports. Under the valve cover area, you can see a lot more material added above the port and on the push rod side. On the front of the head, you'll also see material added between the oil hole and the center of the head, which is outside the bowl area. This means less welding or epoxying of the cylinder head. 

The head is made thicker than a standard head casting for more durability and made slightly taller to allow roller rockers to fit easily under stock valve covers. 

The best part is the cost. Without valves, the head will retail for around $100 but will also be offered with stainless steel valves, dual valve springs, titanium retainers, and a setup to support 0.400 lift for $200. Or a CNC-ported version with the same setup for $300. For the guys that like to weld or do different valve combinations, we will offer a version without seats and guides for around $70. The new heads are expected in late March. 

EC Curved Intakes for Predator Clone EnginesWildcat Curved Intakes - PZ22, VM22, PWK24/28 - January-March 2023

Since the accessory kit for the Predator Ghost 212 has been released, we have had a huge demand for a curved intake manifold. 

We started with the PZ20 or PZ22 intake because if you have a Ghost 212, you'll have to buy the complete accessory kit to get the intake. We will offer the intake separately or in our own Ghost 212 Kit. These intakes will be available soon, in January.

We are also building curved intakes for the VM22 Chi-Kuni Carburetors and our WC22 Wildcat Carburetor. For these carburetors, there will be two versions, one that is flat for mini bikes and the other angled for karts. 

We will also have curved intakes for the PWK24/28. These carburetors share the same outside diameter, so they can use the same intakes. We recommend using 24mm, as the stock port may not be large enough for the 28mm. 

The VM22 and PWK versions will be available in March. Retail for all the intakes will be around $35-40.

Wildcat 223 Ghostbuster Engines - 2023

The clone market is always changing and always improving. The release of the Ghost 212 engine was a game-changer. Based on the same platform as the Ducar/Tillotson 212E engines, it has no governor but limits rpm by a rev-limited coil, a cam with more lift, and a PZ22 carburetor. 

Wildcat Ghostbuster 223 GB1

To compete with the Ghost 212, we are building towards our Wildcat Ghostbuster 223. The first version will be a modified Wildcat, with our PZ22 and curved intake with a bigger cam and cast aluminum flywheel. More displacement, more compression, more cam, and better flywheel. 

Wildcat Ghostbuster 223 GB2

The second version will also include our new Wildcat WC946 cylinder head and WC22 Carburetor. The complete spec list for each engine hasn't been decided yet to determine prices, but both engines with be sub-$1000.

Mini Bike Billet Fuel Tanks

Billet Fuel Tanks for Mini Bikes - March 2023

A project we had hoped to have last year fell through due to other billet parts. We will now have billet fuel tanks in March. You may be asking what we mean by billet. The tank is fully machined, and the only welding is done to the end caps. The neck for the fuel cap and pet cock is a machined part of the fuel tank. We did this to offer a clean appearance and reduce any chance of leaks caused by a bad weld. The end caps are precise with robotic welding. The tanks will come either polished or black anodized. If we get enough requests, we may offer other colors in future batches. Retail will be around $90-100.

EC Billet Flywheel & PVL IgnitionEC Flywheels and PVL 12,000rpm Ignition Coil - March 2023

We tooled up a new 12,000rpm PVL coil to replace the Briggs Animal Coil used for many modified engines. There have been supply issues, especially in the last couple of years, for the Briggs Animal coil. The EC coil is a direct replacement for the Animal, which means there is no change in fitment for the Briggs, and you'll be able to use adaptors for your Honda Clone. 

To adapt the PVL to your clone, EC has made a new flywheel for the Honda Clone Tapered engines and ignition mounting coil. The PVL will retail for around $135, and the flywheel with bracket $160.

EC is also adding new versions for the analog coils. A new lightweight finned flywheel and lightweight finless flywheel both retail for $120.

EC Billet Head, Block, and Engines. - February - March 2023

The EC Billet Head has been extremely time-consuming and is often set to the side to address more immediate production. We are finally finished and preparing production. We have built to 36.5/27mm 5.5mm Hemi Head with an 18cc combustion chamber. The head will sell complete with dual valve springs, titanium retainers, and stainless steel valves. We are also working on a titanium valve version for next fall. The head will retail for $1100, complete with intake and exhaust. 

EC Billet Head & Block

Our billet block will be in a 4-bolt and 6-bolt version. The 4-bolt is the standard bolt spacing to allow standard heads and most current billet heads to adapt to it. The blocks will start with a 72mm bore to use EC 236 rotating assembly for 14.5ci open classes. The block can go up to 76mm if desired. However, the 6-bolt block will be better suited for open classes or builds without displacement restrictions. The 6-bolt versions will start at 76mm to use EC's 263 rotating assemblies but will easily go to 82.5mm for up to 310cc. Both blocks will have to extended decks for around a 1.8:1 rod ratio. The block with a side cover will retail for around $900, for complete engine kits(block, head, carb, etc.) will start around $3500 for the 4-bolt 14.5ci engine unassembled. 

Thanks for your support!

We still have a lot more parts we are developing and testing. Stay tuned to our blogs and get connected on our social media for the latest news. 

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